HUI3 (Health Utilities Index Mark3) Japanese version

Japanese version

Yes [classification system]

Target population Adults

- Questionnaire: 15

- classification system: 8 "Vision (視力),"Hearing (聴力)", "Speech(会話)", "Ambulation (歩行)", "Dexterity (器用さ), "Emotion (感情)", "Cognition (認知), "Pain (痛み)"

Levels 5~6
valuation method VAS & SG
Japanese value sets

Shinichi Noto, Takeru Shiroiwa, Makoto Kobayashi, et al. Development of a multiplicative, multi-attribute utility function and eight single-attribute utility functions for the Health Utilities Index Mark 3 in Japan. J Patient Rep Outcomes
. 2020;4(1):23 [Pubmed]

Japanese population norms Shiroiwa T, Noto S, Fukuda T. Japanese Population Norms of EQ-5D-5L and Health Utilities Index Mark 3: Disutility Catalog by Disease and Symptom in Community Settings.Value Health. 2021;24(8):1193-1202. [Pubmed]
Psychometric properties for Japanese version Noto S, Uemura T. Japanese health utilities index mark 3 (HUI3): measurement properties in a community sample.J Patient Rep Outcomes. 2020;4(1):9 [Pubmed]
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