Privacy policy

1. Fundamental Way of Thinking

At the Center for Outcomes Research and Economic Evaluation for Health, National Institute of Public Health (hereinafter referred to as “this Center”), the services (information provided by the home page, all kinds of inquiry reception, etc.), provided by this Center’s web page (; hereinafter referred to as “this site”), collect information on everyone who uses this site to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of services. We will handle the collected information appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use.

2. Scope of Collected Information

(1) On this site, we automatically collect information such as internet domain name, IP address, browsing information of this site, etc. In addition, we do not use cookies (information sent from the server to the user’s browser to be stored on the user’s computer to identify users on the server side).

(2) When using contact form, we ask you to register your name, company affiliation (hereinafter referred to as “user affiliation”), and your email address etc., as well as content of your inquiry.

3. Purpose of use

(1) The information collected in 2. (1) is used as a reference for the smooth operation of services provided by this site.

(2) The “Contents” collected in 2. (2) will be used for reply from this Center, if it is deemed to be appropriate.

“Mail Address” will be used for replies.

Any unspecified user affiliation registered will be used as reference information for “Inquiries.”

In the case of “Application to events”, information including user affiliation, and your email address is used for identification of participants.

4. Usage and Offer Restrictions

Unless there is a legal request for disclosure, the consent of the individual in question, or other special reasons, this center does not use information collected by this site for purposes other than 3, nor does it offer information to third parties.

However, we may utilize this site’s access information, user affiliation, etc. after we statistically analyzed such data.

5. Measures for Ensuring Safety

This center will take necessary measures to prevent data leakage, loss, or damages and otherwise appropriately manage collected data.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

On this site, other than user affiliation entered in “Inquiries” and “Application to event”, we do not collect information such as name, date of birth or other information that can generally identify a specific individual.

7. Range of Use

This privacy policy only applies to this site. The handling of information by related organizations, etc. will be carried out at the responsibility of each concerned organization.