Target items and results after full-scale introduction (2019.4~)

We show targeted medicines and medical devices and results of cost-effectiveness evaluation after April 2019.

FY 2023

ID Brand name Generic name Category Designated day Status
C2H2301 Besremi Ropeginterferon Alfa-2b (Genetical Recombination) H1 5/17/2023 In progress
C2H2302 GORE® TAG® Conformable Thoracic Stent Graft Featuring ACTIVE CONTROL System Thoracic Stent Graft H2 7/5/2023 In progress
C2H2303 Litfulo Ritlecitinib tosylate H1 8/23/2023 In progress

FY 2022

ID Brand name Generic name Category Designated day Status
C2H2201 Lyfnua Gefapixant Citrate H1 4/13/2022 Completed
C2H2202 Pivlaz Clazosentan Sodium H1 4/13/2022 In progress
C2H2203 Bimzelx Bimekizumab(Genetical Recombination) H1 4/13/2022 In progress
C2H2204 Vyvgart Efgartigimod Alfa(Genetical Recombination) H1 4/13/2022 In progress
C2H2205 Dysval Valbenazine Tosilate H2 5/18/2022 In progress
C2H2206 Kerendia Finerenone H1 5/18/2022 In progress
C2H2207 Ondexxya Andexanet Alfa(Genetical Recombination) H2 5/18/2022 In progress
C2H2208 Lagevrio Molnupiravir H1 8/10/2022 In progress
C2H2209 Sotyktu Deucravacitinib H1 11/9/2022 In progress
C2H2210 Tezspire

Tezepelumab (Genetical Recombination)

H1 11/9/2022 In progress
C2H2211 Paxlovid

Nirmatrelvir plus ritonavir

H1 3/8/2023 In progress
C2H2212 Mounjaro


H1 3/8/2023 In progress

Ensitrelvir Fumaric Acid

H1 3/8/2023 In progress

FY 2021

ID Brand name Generic name Category Designated day Status
C2H2101 Emgality Galcanezumab H1 4/14/2021 Completed
C2H2102 Yescarta Axicabtagene ciloleucel H5 4/14/2021 -
C2H2103 Polivy Polatuzumab Vedotin H1 5/12/2021 Completed


Vorhyaluronidase Alfa
H1 5/12/2021 Completed


Amikacin sulfate H1 5/12/2021 Completed
C2H2106 Breyanzi Lisocabtagene maraleucel H5 5/12/2021 -
C2H2107 Verquvo Vericiguat H5 8/4/2021 -
C2H2108 Ajovy Fremanezumab (Genetical Recombination) H5 8/4/2021 -
C2H2109 Aimovig Erenumab (Genetical Recombination) H5 8/4/2021 -
C2H2110 Revestive Teduglutide (Genetical Recombination) H2 8/4/2021 Completed
C2H2111 Veklury Remdesivir H1 8/4/2021 Completed
C2H2112 Micra AV Transcatheter pacing systems H2 10/13/2021 Completed
C2H2113 Retevmo Selpercatinib H1 11/17/2021 Completed
C2H2114 Padcev Enfortumab vedotin H1 11/17/2021 Completed
C2H2115 Expedium Verse Fenestrated Screw system Screw for spinal fusion H2 12/8/2021 Completed

FY 2020

ID Brand name Generic name Category Designated day Status
C2H2001 Noxafil Posaconazole H1 4/8/2020 Completed
C2H2002 Cabometyx Cabozantinib H1 5/13/2020 Completed
C2H2003 Enhertu Trastuzumab Deruxtecan (Genetical Recombination) H1 5/13/2020 Completed
C2H2004 Zolgensma Onasemnogene abeparvovec H3 5/13/2020

Suspended(data collection)

C2H2005 Entresto Sacubitril Valsartan H5 8/19/2020 -


H5 8/19/2020 -


Semaglutide (Genetical Recombination) H1 11/11/2020 Completed


Fluticasone, Umeclidinium, Vilanterol H5 2/10/2021 -

FY 2019

ID Brand name Generic name Category Designated day Status
C2H1901 Trelegy Fluticasone, Umeclidinium, Vilanterol H1 05/15/2019 Completed
C2H1902 Kymriah Tisagenlecleucel H3 05/15/2019 Completed
C2H1903 Ultomiris Ravulizumab H1 08/28/2019 Completed
C2H1904 Breztri Budesonide, Glycopyrronium, Formoterol H5 08/28/2019 -
C2H1905 Trintellix Vortioxetine H1 11/13/2019 Completed
C2H1906 Coralan Ivabradine H2 11/13/2019 Completed