List of abbreviations in health technology assessment (alphabetic order)

A4R Accountability for reasonableness
AWP Average wholesale price
BIA Budget impact analysis
BTD Better than dead
BWS Best-worst scaling
CCA Cost-consequence analysis
CEA Cost-effectiveness analysis
CEAC Cost-effectiveness acceptability curve
CER Comparative effectiveness research
CMA Cost-minimization analysis
COI Conflict of interest
CQ Clinical question
CSIMC Central Social Insurance Medical Council (Chuikyo) [Japan]
CUA Cost-utility analysis
CVM Contingent caluation method
DALY Disability-adjusted life year
DCE Discrete choice experiment
DPC Diagnosis Procedure Combination [Japan]
DRG Diagnosis Related Groups
EOL End-of-life
EVPI Expected value of perfect information
EVPPI Expected value of partially perfect information
EVSI Expected value of sample information
HRQOL Health-related quality of life
HTA Health technology assessment
ICER Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio
INB Incremental net benefit
IPD Individual participant data
LY Life year
MCDA Multi criteria decision analysis
MTC Multiple treatment comparison
NHS National Health Service
NMB Net monetary benefit
NICE The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
PBM Preference-based measure
PDPS Per-Diem Payment System [Japan]
PE Pharmacoeconomics
PPS Prospective Payment System
PRO Patient-reported outcome
PSA Probabilistic sensitivity analysis
QALY Quality-adjusted life year
QOL Quality of life
RCT Randomized controlled trial
SG Standard gamble
SR Systematic review
TA Technology appraisal
TTO Time trade-off
VAS Visual analogue scale
VBP Value-based pricing
VOI Value of information
WTA Willingness to accept
WTD Worse than dead
WTP Wilingness to pay