EQ-5D-3L (EuroQol 5 dimension 3-level) Japanese version

Japanese version Yes
Items “mobility(移動の程度)”, “self-care(身の回りの管理)”, “usual activities(ふだんの活動)”, “pain/discomfort(痛み╱不快感)”, and “anxiety/depression(不安╱ふさぎ込み)”
levels 3
valuation method TTO (time trade-off)
Japanese value sets
  1. あり

    文献1: 日本語版EuroQol開発委員会.日本語版EuroQolの開発. 医療と社会 1998;8(1):109-23. [文献]

    文献2: Tsuchiya A, Ikeda S, Ikegami N, et al. Estimating an EQ-5D population value set: the case of Japan. Health Econ. 2002;11(4):341-53. [Pubmed

Japanese population norm


Shiroiwa T, Fukuda T, Ikeda S, et al. Japanese population norms for preference-based measures: EQ-5D-3L, EQ-5D-5L, and SF-6D. Qual Life Res. 2016;25(3):707-19. [Pubmed]

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