What we do

  • Drug price setting

    1. Public health insurance system
    2. Prices are set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
    3. Two ways of price setting
  • Necessity of evaluation

    1. Current status of medical care expenditure in Japan
    2. Why is medical care expenditure increasing?
    3. Necessity of cost-effectiveness evaluation

  • Concept of cost-effecitveness

    1. What is “cost-effectiveness”?
    2. Importance of comparisons for cost-effectiveness
    3. Methods of calculation of the cost-effectiveness
  • Evaluation of costs

    1. Types of cost
    2. Which types of costs should be taken into consideration
    3. Also considering the expenses of healthcare needed in the future
  • Evaluation of outcome

    1. Outcome of treatment calculated as QALY
    2. Method of calculation of QALY
    3. How is QOL evaluated?
  • Example

    1. Examples of cost-effectiveness analysis
    2. How to interpret the analysis
  • Other countries (1)

    1. Roles of NICE (UK)
    2. Cost per QALY threshold at NICE
    3. Views of NICE
  • Other countries (2)

    1. France
    2. Germany
    3. Other countries
  • Application in Japan

    1. Beginning of discussion
    2. Advances in the discussions held at Chuikyo
    3. Discussion towards establishment of cost-effectiveness evaluation system
  • Roles of C2H

    1. Processes of cost effectiveness evaluation
    2. Roles of C2H in these processes
    3. Why should C2H implement this?